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By Ben Dykes

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Next Saturday (25th February 2012), the inaugural Design Push will be held at the Cogapp offices in Brighton, UK. The intention of the event is to add some design thinking to how emerging web technologies will work and look. In the race to launch new features, the work on the user experience can occasionally be under-developed with some technologies presenting particular challenges.

The Design Push events will focus on a range of technologies, with an invited group of designers and technologists taking on these challenges. The aim is to create a set of useful deliverables on each issue, including recommendations, taskflows, design patterns and domain vocabularies. The idea is to assist those involved with particular technologies, by helping to drive forward the user experience design work.

I’ll be participating at the first Design Push, where we will examine the use of Web Intents. Originally devised for use on Android mobile phones, they determine what action a user intends to perform with an object and how to carry it out. The object/action pairing could be, for example, editing a photo or a sharing a blog. With the huge number of services that may offer these actions, creating a simple and effective process for the user is not straight-forward.

I’m excited to be involved with this event and I would like to thank the organisers, web and UX luminaries Glenn JonesDanny Hope and Andy Dennis, for inviting me. I look forward to working with an impressive array of experts (including people from Chrome, Mozilla, W3C and Add This) to try and help make the web a little bit more useful, usable and enjoyable.

If you are interested in finding out more about Makemedia’s work and how great user experience in your digital offerings will benefit your company then please do get in touch with Makemedia here.

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