Sarah Mattock

Senior Developer


About Sarah

Sarah joined Makemedia in 2014 as a senior developer specialising in .NET, Angular, Javascript, Elastic and SQL. At Makemedia Sarah has worked with clients across multiple industries including Groundsure, DeHavilland, Farmers Weekly, Road Transport Media, Love Local Jobs and Hortweek. Sarah came to Makemedia from TLM Nexus where she was responsible for creating a multi-product suite of components.

Having a BA in Music and an MSc in Computer Science, Sarah blends creativity with logical thinking and a natural skill with language. She is a visual thinker who can’t resist creating a diagram to break down a problem.

In her spare time Sarah is a keen musician, playing piano, saxophone and clarinet. She also enjoys getting creative with printmaking, painting, sketching and other crafts.

Sarah Mattock
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